A wysiwyg experiment

This is Minislate, a minimalist, opinionated WYSIWYG editor. It aims at getting things right and avoiding common pitfalls of web editors.

Minimalist & opinionated

One of the most challenging tasks with web editors is to keep it as simple as possible while having it work on major platforms. Here are some strong principles followed by Minislate:


At the moment, the following features are implemented:

The context base behavior means only relevant buttons or menus are shown when you place your cursor on some place or when you select some text. Depending on your selection, different buttons and menus will be highlighted.

Minislate was tested on the following browsers:

It might work on others but I have no idea yet. One thing at a time :)


Minislate is an experiment. It may become a release if the following goals are reached at some point:


This is the unavoidable demo. You can edit this text as you wish.

Some sample text

Play around with inline formatting and links.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nullam vel sodales nunc. Phasellus elit augue, interdum tristique nisl ut, ultricies mattis elit. Mauris eu fringilla lacus. Vestibulum ac erat vel mi accumsan cursus sit amet dapibus mi. Praesent iaculis tempor dictum. Donec eu lorem et turpis tincidunt congue. Sed sagittis diam ut felis iaculis euismod.

  1. A rainbow!
  2. A double rainbow!!


Context is key. If you place your cursor on this part the “bold” button will be shown and highlighted. If you encounter a link, you can edit or remove it very easily.


Minislate provides the following shortcuts:

Download & install

Disclaimer: For the moment, Minislate is an alpha quality software with known and unknown bugs. You've been warned.

Download the latest release zip file and follow the instructions from file to install on your page.

License & sources

Minislate is released under the terms of the MIT license, which means “do whatever you want as long as you don't change the license and/or the copyright notice.”

Minislate uses the amazing Rangy library, released under the terms of the MIT license.

In its full version Minislate includes Font Awesome by Dave Gandy, released under the terms of this MIT license (code) and the SIL OFL license (font).